MapServer 4.8.2

Hallgren Johan E jhhal at WMDATA.COM
Fri Mar 10 02:11:55 EST 2006


I have to ask you folks. 

I saw two weakness with MapServer/MapScript related to ArcSDE and Oracle
Spatial. There was when querying layers with attribute queries, with and
without geometries. Is I understand it the ArcSDE one was addressed, but
what happened with the other one with OracleSpatial. Will that one also
be solved in the planned release?


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Let's release this baby.  I propose we do it Wednesday, March 15th.

Some open bugs that might need some attention: - Symbol 
rotation leaks memory - Pixmap SIZE - Point 
Queries in SDE throws an error - Shapefile 
handles getting left open in the case of bad data - OGR 
tileindex sources always opened as shapefiles - 
should be able to detect the Oracle "instant client" rpm distro - msSaveMap() 
should write out TRANSPARENCY ALPHA

There may be many others ;)  Let's clean them up and get this out the


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