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Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Mon Mar 13 16:03:37 EST 2006

I've move the contributor list to an incubation section on the main website. I suppose this could sit on the website but then we have stuff in two places so for now...

The URL is: 

I've incorporated most all of the comments from before except for the Ruby code contributors. Please feel free to make corrections or additions.


>>> Steve Lime <steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US> 03/09/06 10:11 AM >>>
Better how 'bout I create a page on the website in the development section someplace.

Any objections?


>>> Sean Gillies <sgillies at> 03/08/06 5:05 PM >>>

Could you resend, perhaps in another format? is not giving  
me any kind of attachment that I can save and read.


On Mar 8, 2006, at 4:28 AM, Steve Lime wrote:

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> Attached is a list based on some searches of the list archives, CVS =
> password files, and source greps. I appologize if I've missed  
> anyone, but =
> it is certainly possible. There is a lot of code and many years to  
> cover. =
> This is only contribution through code. Please pass along edits...
> Attached as CSV and Excel files...
> Steve
>>>> Steve Lime <steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US> 03/06/06 10:16 AM >>>
> Hi a

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