Support for detection of SWIG and MONO during configuration

Howard Butler hobu at IASTATE.EDU
Tue Mar 21 09:58:41 EST 2006

I also think it would be nice to detect SWIG and the SWIG MapScript 
variants within configure for the next MapServer release.  We already 
allow the specification of PHP in configure.  Some complications 
might be that certain MapScripts may have specific minimum SWIG 
requirements, and some MapScripts are not built with a normal 
GNUMakefile (Python uses distutils, for example).  Doing this might 
also make packager's lives easier.

A bug with the specifics for the detection and building of each 
MapScript would be a good place to start.  I can help with the Python 


At 3:46 AM -0600 3/21/06, Tamas Szekeres wrote:
>According to the IRC conversation I've posted this message to review it more
>The UNIX build would be more uniform if we could make support for detecting
>SWIG and MONO at the ./configure phase.
>I would suppose to have optional features should be given as a parameter like
>./configure --with-swig --with-csharp
>by allowing to add the path to the swig and the csharp compiler executables.
>I think for swig /usr/local/bin/swig and /usr/bin/swig
>for mono
>/usr/local/bin/mcs and /usr/bin/mcs should be searched for by deafault
>The other languages may have other requirements.
>Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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