Checking number of attributes in tile4ms

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Thu May 11 00:38:32 EDT 2006

Mateusz Łoskot wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently, I was fixing some GDAL issue reported by Bart
> (
> and I added tests of attributes scheman in input layers to ogrtindex
> utility.
> As discussed on Bugzilla
> (
> it's recommended to check number of attributes, and if number is same,
> schema of attributes.
> I noticed that tile4ms utility does not compare number of attributes, so
> I applied small fix. So, tile4ms handles differences in attributes of
> input layers exactly in the same way as ogrtindex.
> Is there any interest of such changes?
> If there is, I can provide a patch.
> Cheers


I read through the bug and it looks like you have it correctly 
understood. I think this would be a good additional check for tile4ms. 
Please prepare a patch and attach it to the bug or open a new bug 
against tile4ms and attach it to that. I think Steve Lime will probably 
be assigned to it by default. It will be good to have ogrtindex and 
tile4ms behaving the same way.

-Steve W.

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