call for vote on RFC-39

Håvard Tveite havard.tveite at UMB.NO
Fri Dec 7 10:04:11 EST 2007

Dear Assefa,

I have been very in doubt when it comes to this proposal.
Named styles are useful, but the proposed solution did
looks a bit messy to me.

Today I got the idea that maybe Layer metadata could be used
instead (probably not well enough thought through, but there
should be plenty of competent people out there to correct me
:-) ).

If the WMS layer name could be provided in layer metadata
(and override the layer name if present), then perhaps we
could avoid messing with tags on the Layer and Class level.

A new layer metadata element would be needed: "wms_name".
And also some way of specifying the WMS style name in the
layer metadata (wms_style_name ?) would be needed.

Each style would then require a separate Mapserver layer.
The Mapserver layers that provide the different styles for a
WMS layer would have different Mapserver layer names, but the
same layer metadata wms_name.  The style names would then
have to be specified in some way in the Layer Metadata.

Anyway, just an idea...


Yewondwossen Assefa wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I would like to call on a vote on RFC-39 (multi-style support)
>   It has been out for already some time and would like to either go
> forward with it or find other alternatives.
>   I start with +1.
> Best Regards,
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