Non-clipped polygon annotation

Shawn Gervais project10 at PROJECT10.NET
Wed Dec 19 13:38:55 EST 2007

Steve Lime wrote:
> You tried running msPolygonLabelPoint() on the raw shape then? What was the issue?

Yeah, I tried this sequence:

- msPolygonLabelPoint() on the unadulterated shape. While it did not 
error, it produced a label point that was not correct.
- msClipShape(), msTransformShape() as normal

What I ended up needing to do, to get msPolygonLabelPoint to produce an 
annopoint that was within my visible bbox, was:

- msTransformShape()
- msPolygonLabelPoint()
- .. but now I can't run msClipShape() as that mangles the shape (my 
polys were reduced to 0 numlines)

So you can see my problem -- I can't get the label point for a shape 
before transforming it, but I can't transform it before clipping it lest 
I destroy the shape.


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