msSetup() in mapserv.c and shp2img.c

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Fri Jul 6 16:34:54 EDT 2007

Daniel Morissette wrote:
> We have a msSetup() function in maputil.c which is used (at least by 
> MapScript) to initialize some resources freed later by msCleanup(). It 
> seems that msSetup() is not called by mapserv.c and shp2img.c?
> Should mapserv and shp2img not call msSetup() as well since they do call 
> msCleanup()?


As far as I can tell the initializations done in msSetup() can also be
adequately handled "as needed" if it isn't called.  I gather from the


  Contributed by Jerry Pisk in bug 1203.  Heads off potential race condition
  in initializing GD font cache with multiple threads.  Should be called from
  mapscript module initialization code.

that msSetup() is primarily useful in a multi-threaded situation - getting
some initialization done before extra threads are split off.

As such, I don't see it is needed at all in shp2img or mapserv.  Conversely,
folks shouldn't put initializations in msSetup() assuming that it will
actually get called.

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