Motion to move Feature Freeze to July 23rd

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 10 08:54:03 EDT 2007


2007/7/9, Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at>:
> MapServer PSC,
> (Please read on, a motion follows at the end of this email)
> Today is our agreed feature freeze date for the 5.0 release. After the
> feature freeze we enter the 5.0 release cycle (betas, etc.) and only bug
> fixes can be committed to SVN but no new features or significant changes
> are allowed.
> We had a quick chat about this on IRC this morning and it seems that I'm
> not the only one who feels that we are not ready for the feature freeze.
> I have a few items left on my list that I could not complete in time but
> could delay until post 5.0. However, there are at least 3 significant
> items that have not been resolved yet and that it would be nice to see
> resolved for 5.0:
> 1- AGG: The code is in SVN but we still haven't seen a RFC for this. The
> consensus this morning on IRC was that a RFC is required ASAP and some
> changes may be required in light of the comments that come out of the
> RFC. This cannot happen after the feature freeze as this may involve
> non-trivial changes to the code.
> 2- Query result caching: have we reached consensus yet? The 2 main
> options on the table are (1) RFC-22a and (2) the extension of the
> resultCacheMemberObj to carry a copy of the shape. It would be really
> nice to resolve this double-pass query issue for 5.0.
> 3- Semi-dynamic allocations of layers, styles and classes: was on my
> list for 5.0 but somehow I had assumed that RFC-24 had taken care of
> this already, I checked the code and re-read RFC-24 last week and
> realized that it was not planning to address this issue. This is another
> very nice to have for 5.0.
> In light of this, it was decided on IRC to make the following motion:
> ** MOTION:
> To push the Feature Freeze date to July 23rd to allow (at least) the
> three items listed above to be completed before the feature freeze.
> **
> Note that in order to increase our chances of making the new feature
> freeze date, we should plan a IRC meeting and appoint a release manager
> as soon as possible (ideally this week).
> I start the vote with a +1
> Daniel
> --
> Daniel Morissette

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