Release MapServer 4.10.2 on Friday?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Wed May 2 15:27:30 EDT 2007

There are a few good fixes waiting in the 4.10 branch. I propose that we 
release MapServer 4.10.2 with those fixes on Friday of this week.

I start the vote with a +1.


P.S. Here is the list of changes in 4.10 from the HISTORY.TXT:

Version 4.10.2

- Support for embedding manifests as resources for the VS2005 
builds.(bug 2048)

- Changed OGRLayerGetAutoStyle not to pass NULL pointer to GetRGBFromString
   causing access violation (bug 1950).

- do not double-grab the row_id column in msSDELayerGetItems (bug 2041)

- Apply patch for bug 1990 for OS X Framework builds support for Python
   MapScript.  Thanks William!

- Added missing MS_FOLLOW constant to PHP MapScript (bug 2058)

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