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Andreas Albarello andreas.albarello at TERRITORIUMONLINE.COM
Mon May 7 06:25:59 EDT 2007

Hallgren Johan E wrote:
> Hello again,
> I have made a test with the following code with extremely good 
> performance. I have only tested this specific call, but couldn’t the 
> concept be implemented in other functions as well? As I see it, it will 
> implement the Connection pool between mapscript calls.


this shouldn't be necessary unless your connection pooling is not 
working correctly. Mapserver's connection pool already successfully 
shares connections having the same connection string within the same 
thread. The msLayerOpen call in your example should therefore not be 
opening another connection to the database.

If it indeed does, you might want to check if your connection pooling is 
up and working, if it is active on that layer, that you have a fairly 
recent Mapserver/Mapscript build and that the subsequent requests come 
from within the same thread.

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