Motion: Sandbox Branches

Howard Butler at GMAIL.COM
Mon May 21 00:38:48 EDT 2007


My major reason for a sandbox branch is similar to Frank's -- a  
vendor branch that is a mix of backported 5.0 features on top of a  
4.10 base.  I've made numerous additions and changes to the SDE  
driver that can't make it into a 4.10 release, but 5.0's release is  
quite a ways out on the horizon yet.

On May 17, 2007, at 1:59 PM, Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Does the "." in "./sandbox" imply that anyone could create sandbox  
> subdirectories anywhere?

no.  That'd be really messy.

> Or instead was teh intention to create a global "/sandbox" besides  
> branches and tags at the top level where developers could create  
> their own development branches?


> I'd be okay with the creation of a global "/sandbox" area as an  
> option for developers to create their own development branches if  
> they like or need to do so.
> However I'm not keen on requiring that all new development take  
> place in private branches to be merged later. I fear that the  
> complexity and cost of merging changes in the end would outweigh  
> any benefit. We haven't had too much problems with people breaking  
> the trunk build in the past anyway. I fully agree with you that  
> having most activity in trunk "makes people aware of the  
> consequences of their actions on other folks and makes buildbot  
> testing simple."

Given the limited discussion and somewhat indifference to the idea, I  
move that we create /sandbox and allow developers to maintain private  
branches at their discretion.


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