IRC Meeting Minutes

Howard Butler at GMAIL.COM
Tue May 22 17:31:47 EDT 2007


A developer meeting was held May 22 at 2200 UTC to discuss  
preparations for the MapServer 5.0 release.  The following items were  
discussed and decided:

-- Outstanding RFCs:
   -- RFC 19 - almost complete
   -- RFC 25 - updated last night, will circulate ASAP
   -- RFC 24 - dust mostly settled on this one
   -- AGG RFC forthcoming
   -- loadfromstring RFC forthcoming
   -- Daniel/Assefa coordinating a possible WMS 1.3 RFC
   -- log/debug redesign RFC from Daniel forthcoming
   -- dynamic charting RFC from Daniel forthcoming
   -- RFC 6 (COLORRANGE) was discussed.  While there seems to be user  
support of the idea, it needs development action to move forward.   
Steve and Jeff McKenna agreed to look into it further and see if any  
action can be taken in time for 5.0

-- Freezes
   -- RFC freeze is June 15th for the 5.0 release.  This freeze means  
that an RFC must be proposed by June 15th in order to be eligible for  
the 5.0 release.  It need not be voted on or implemented by this  
time, but it should exist on the website and a pointer to it should  
have been made to -dev.
   -- Feature/code freeze is July 9th.  Exceptions would have to be  
made to stuff new features into the 5.0 release after that time.

-- PSC additions
   -- Steve will take up the issue of PSC additions with the PSC in  
an effort to bring resolution to the issue.

-- Buildbot
   -- Tamas reminded developers to push the button on the buildbot  
after making significant changes to trunk in an effort to head off  
any issues that your changes might have made.  The buildbot is  
located at

-- Release Manager
   -- Howard and Daniel will coordinate the request for a volunteer  
to shepherd the 5.0 release.  This person does not need to be a  
developer.  An email describing duties and responsibilities will be  

Dutifully submitted,


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