[RFC-24] USE_MAPSCRIPT configure flag

Umberto Nicoletti umberto.nicoletti at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 23 08:26:10 EDT 2007

I have been working to fully implement item 3.1 of rfc24 and in
particular the USE_MAPSCRIPT flag.

I am attaching here and on trac (at
a patch that implements exactly 3.1.

I am not applying the patch right away, but wait for your review
because it could break the build bots or other stuff you might have
pending in mapscript.

The patch also improves the build process for perl, python and ruby by
automagically running swig when the wrapper code is not present.

Unless there are objections I will apply this patch later tomorrow
(which means about midday for those living in the Americas ;-)).

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