Purging code for 5.0?

Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] Tom.Kralidis at EC.GC.CA
Tue May 29 13:58:27 EDT 2007

> Hi all: Wondering if it might make sense to evaluate the 
> usefulness of some sections of code moving forward. I'm 
> thinking of 2 items in particular:
>   - any non-GDAL raster code with the exception of the EPPL7 
> code (still in use in MN so would like to keep that)
>   - the MyGIS support, which was written before the MySQL 
> spatial objects were added, no idea how widespread its use is

I wonder whether an email to mapserver-users would give us a better idea
of usage.

> Other areas? Thoughts?

(apologies for the potentially native questions below)

- what is the fonts/ dir?  Maybe move that into an etc/ type directory?

- what is gdft/, exactly?

- mapfile.dtd seems circa 2002; do we still need this?

- (naive question): mappostgis.c / mappostgresql.c; could OGR provide
the same functionality for MapServer to leverage?

- mapprojhack.c: can this code be moved into mapproj.c or does it needs
its own file?  If the latter, maybe mapprojutil.c or something?

- what is mapserver.def, exactly?

- md5c.c and md5.h: are these used at all?

- what is the symbols/ dir?  Maybe move that into an etc/ type

- what are testcopy.c and testexpr.c exactly?  Maybe they can be moved
into a tests/ type directory?

- tile4ms.c sortshp.c scalebar.c shptreetst.c shptreevis.c shptree.c
legend.c shp2pdf.c shp2img.c: maybe we could move 
these into a util/ type directory?

- rfc/: do we need this dir?  Or just a link to
http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/development/rfc/ in README?

- tests/: how does this relate to the msautotest suite?  Could this be
rolled into msautotest somehow?


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