Motion to adopt MS-RFC-35 - Standards compliance enforcement

Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] Tom.Kralidis at EC.GC.CA
Mon Nov 12 07:44:51 EST 2007


An alternative would be for users to embed STYLES= into MAP/WEB/METADATA/ows_onlineresource.

Having said this, I did not realize that a -1 vote meant a veto until I re-read rfc1.  What I really meant was to vote -0.  I just hope this does not become the norm when implementing OGC standards, that's all.


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Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] wrote:
>>>> On 11/8/2007 at 9:31 AM, in message <47332BE4.3000105 at>, Daniel
> Morissette <dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM> wrote:
>> Since there have been no proposed changes to MS-RFC-35, I hereby motion 
>> that we adopt "MS-RFC-35 - Standards Compliance Enforcement"
>> ...and I start with my +1.
>> Once the RFC is adopted we can implement the fixes and release 5.0.1.
>> Daniel
> If the vote is still on, and fwiw, I put forth -1 with the rationale(s) I have provided in earlier communications.

Well, the vote is still on, and your "fwiw" is worth a lot: it's a veto, 
it means that we're in a dead-end and need to revisit the RFC to proceed.

Is there a way we can adapt the proposal to address your concerns? As 
Tamas wrote: Do you have any other idea to solve the original problem 
besides of waiting for everyone to implement the standards entirely?

Do you realize that the current situation with the STYLES requirement 
being enforced just makes MapServer appear as broken in the eyes of 
users and doesn't help interoperability at all? How many other WMS 
servers out there do require STYLES? Google Earth comes with a list of 
about 40 preloaded WMS service URLs which I presume have all been tested 
with Google Earth (I didn't test them myself) and presumably all work 
without requiring the STYLES parameter. From a quick browse of the list 
that includes some MapServer, cubeserv, ArcIMS, intergraph, Demis and a 
bunch of others I can't recognize from the URL.

Hopefully you also took note that it was recognized on the WMS-dev list 
that STYLES being required is a mistake from the early WMT 0.1 days and 
that a change proposal has been sent to the WMS.RWG to fix it? See

Daniel Morissette

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