call for comments/vote on new functionality and keyword

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at GMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 28 16:55:15 EST 2007


I appreciate this addition. Is this only a generic algorithm how the
outline is drawn or we'll possibly have multiple options in the
future. Then an additional keyword like OUTLINETYPE should also be

Best regards,


2007/11/28, thomas bonfort <thomas.bonfort at>:
> hi list.
> I've added the possibility to have "halo" type outlines on label text
> "à la google maps" for agg :
> as Hobu (kindly;) suggested, I made this user selectable by adding a
> new keyword, OUTLINEWIDTH for the LABEL block, and a new member to the
> labelObj.
> so:
> mapfile.h gets a new #define OUTLINEWIDTH
> maplexer.l gets a new line for OUTLINEWIDTH
> mapserver.h has a new int entry for the labelObj typedef
> mapfile.c is modified for the initialisation and parsing of the labelObj
> there are no other changes apart from the actual rendering in mapagg.cpp.
> OUTLINEWIDTH defaults to 1, and in that case the current outlining
> method is used. if OUTLINEWIDTH>1, the softer outline rendering kicks
> in.
> it's a rather small fix, but as it implies adding a keyword (which by
> the way I'd like to see used elsewhere to avoid the SIZE/WIDTH
> terminology mixup), I thought I'd ask for your feedback on it.
> comments anyone?
> cheers,
> thomas

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