Proposed feature enhancement sponsorship

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Wed Oct 10 14:17:31 EDT 2007

Hi Chris: At present we are not setup with project sponsorship through OSGeo although
there is some interest on the PSC for doing so. Personally I look at project sponsorship
just you say, as 'generic' funding that it used at the discretion of the PSC for things they
feel important. It's still perfectly acceptable with specific requirements to work through
the developer community directly.

In this case I would defer to the WMS authors- Assefa at DM and Daniel at MapGears.
If that doesn't work out then contact me directly about other options. This would be an
excellent addition.


>>> On 10/9/2007 at 9:05 PM, in message
<d863adb64fbf3c94c4252da937a14ad6 at>, Chris Tweedie <chrislist at NARX.NET>
> Good morning gents,
> I have a bucket of money sitting here waiting to sponsor some core Mapserver 
> styling improvements (WMS multiple Style support) but i have not found a path 
> of how to go about this. As we have clear requirements i assume going through 
> a more generic OSGEO "sponsorship" approach is less desirable rather than 
> going straight to developers on this list.
> Can anyone refer me to the process in recieving some quotes for work? I'm a 
> bit hesitant on trawling through the OSGEO service provider list as I realise 
> you all have core experience or interests in particular "bits".
> Maybe if WMS 1:M Layer:Styles support interests you, you can contact me 
> directly at chris.tweedie"at" and we can discuss further?
> Chris

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