mrSID conversion on-the-fly

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Fri Oct 12 10:13:26 EDT 2007

Andreas Albarello wrote:
>> Oh, and regarding MS4W: the mapserver people warn  agains using it for 
>> a "production" server, which is the case here. Are they just saying 
>> that? You know any real reason not to?
> First time I hear that. Where did you read this? But yes, maybe it's not 
> advisable to use the whole bloated package in production, as - my guess 
> - it's not been tested in it's entirety. But I don't think there is 
> anything wrong with using the MS4W mapserver + gdal, which is a 
> thoroughly tested product, in production.

Well whoever told you that MS4W is not for a production environment is 
incorrect.  I think those "mapserver people" that told you that were 
going off of an old statement that was on the MS4W page saying exactly 
that, which was put there when MS4W was first created (in 2003) and 
lingered on that page for many years.  Since then MS4W has become very 
stable, with well over 3,000 downloads a month, and used in many 
production environments both in the government and private sectors.   So 
to answer your question, there is no reason to not use MS4W on a 
production server.

Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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