MapServer 5.0 WMS, requiring styles...

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Tue Oct 16 10:51:31 EDT 2007

Håvard Tveite wrote:
> In my opinion, being permissive should not be the default
> behaviour.  A standard is a standard!


Well, clearly there is room for well intentioned smart people
to hold different opinions on this matter.  I think we are going
to need a vote on this issue.

> If this is a problem, I suggest that it could be "solved"
> by letting the users explicitly specify "sloppy" behaviour
> (in METADATA?).
> In that case, I think we should use "pedantic" (or
> preferably the more positive word "compliant" :-) ) as the
> default mode of WMS server operation.

If the objective (as Steve has suggested) is to remove one roadblock
for people trying to get going with MapServer and popular client
applications I can't see the benefit of compliant being the default.

I will concede that pendantic carries some negative cannotations,
though it is the mode one runs a compiler like gcc in when you want
absolute C/C++ standards compliance enforcement instead of the usual
"give the programmer a break" behavior.

I will write a tiny RFC on this issue.

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