MapServer 5.0 WMS, requiring styles...

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Tue Oct 16 12:31:25 EDT 2007

Frank is correct, here's an example:

   CONNECTION "http://www.myfavorite/arcims?STYLES="

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> John Cole wrote:
>> Is there a way to get a MS4 wms layer to send the empty STYLES 
>> parameter?  I
>> didn't see a tag to do this in the documentation.
>> It would be very nice for MS4 to be able to use MS5 WMS servers :-)
> John,
> As far as I know, you can include such parameters in the base url you
> put in the layer. That is hardcode in &STYLES= as part of the url.
> Best regards,

Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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