MapServer 5.0 WMS, requiring styles...

Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] Tom.Kralidis at EC.GC.CA
Wed Oct 17 15:07:30 EDT 2007

Comments on STYLES= :
- So if one builds MapServer and wants, say, WFS support, --with-wfs, for example, means "sorta WFS", and you would need additional mapfile metadata to ensure WFS proper?
- if someone wants to serve up quick and dirty maps, then CGI mode mode=map&... is great for that
- I think this introduces a long term hassle just to band-aid this particular issue
- In MapServer's case, because we don't support multiple WMS STYLES, STYLES= or STYLES=default is what we support.  If/when we ever support multiple WMS STYLES (I think I came across this a week or so ago), then STYLES= becomes especially important.
I think this is an example of a circumstance on a relatively lax implemented (i.e.alot of WMS software implements the venerable 'default', but they implement it nonetheless), but REQUIRED, parameter in an OGC spec, which has little relevance to the MapServer world, hence the evolution of this issue, IMHO.

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