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Ben Thompson ben1 at BENTOM.COM
Wed Oct 17 20:48:47 EDT 2007


Our mapserver project has a raster layer composed of tile-indexed 
MrSID images. When zoomed in to scales greater than ~20000 (like, 
18000) they load OK. At smaller scales, we get this error in the 
apache error.log:

Premature end of script headers: php-cgi.exe

Sometimes, instead, we get these PHP errors:

PHP Warning: <>Error?: 
msDrawMap(): Failed to draw layer named 'VGIN Aerials'. in 
...chameleon\htdocs\common\wrapper\drawmap.php on line 534 PHP 
Warning: <>Error?: 
MrSIDRasterBand::IRasterIO(): Failed to load image. mg2 somethi: 
GDALRasterIO() failed: drawGDAL() in 
...chameleon\htdocs\common\wrapper\drawmap.php on line 534

We're using:
mapscript 4.10.0
php 5.2.0
gdal 1.3.2 with the Lizardtech 
<>MrSid? code compiled in.

Anyone else encountered this?

Thanks, Ben Thompson

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