USE_POINT_Z_M usability

Andreas Albarello andreas.albarello at TERRITORIUMONLINE.COM
Fri Oct 19 11:52:28 EDT 2007

Tamas Szekeres wrote:
> Hi All,
> I guess the usability of the USE_POINT_Z_M option is quite limited
> right now, and none of the binary distributions are distributed with
> this setting enabled.
> In my opinion mapserver should work using the 3D data sources as well
> without having to recompile the source for this particular data type.
> Shouldn't we instead get rid of this option and treat every shapes as
> 2D shapes (or 3D shapes if we want)?


IIRC, some time ago on here or in the bug tracker someone mentioned that 
enabling the two additional shapeObj members led to a *huge* performance 
hit due to the bigger structures and higher memory access times even 
when rendering or working only with 2D shapes. So, I don't think 
enabling the z and m members per default is an option.

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