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Il venerdì 21 settembre 2007, thomas bonfort ha scritto:
> alessandro,
> On 9/21/07, Alessandro Pasotti <ale.pas at> wrote:
> > The project is GPL and now available for free (as in "beer").
> if it's gpl, then that would also mean "as in speech" no?

Yes, sure, I just specified it because when I first released KMMapServer (in 
july) a download fee was asked (so it was just "free as in speech" at that 


> not to my knowledge. but given that google seems to be releasing a c++
> kml library in the near future, I would suspect that getting mapserver
> to use it isn't too far fetched if the license is compatible. I
> suspect there wouldn't be many objections if you wanted to tackle that
> ;)

I did'nt know, this sounds interesting. 

We'd better wait and see if this library can be used.

The last time I seriously coded in C (was C++ indeed) was more than 10 years 
ago, my recent actvities with C are limited to some GTK+ porting for the 
Maemo platform. 
I dont' know if I am the right man to do this job. I now feel much more 
comfortable with web-oriented languages (PHP, javascript etc.).


> IMHO, having the support in the core makes more sense, as it opens up
> many more usages

I coul'nt agree more.

My PHP script could be a temporary solution, before KML is integrated in the 

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