[mapserver-dev] RFC: GMaps API for mapserv

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Apr 10 14:28:05 EDT 2008

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Hi devs,
> Attached find an RFC for a new map generation mode for mapserv.cgi.
> Interested in feedback I am. Mmmm.


I would like to suggest:

1) The capability be implemented internally in a new source file, and
called from mapserv.c instead of further complicating mapserv.c itself
a lot with this functionality (just enough logic there to know when to
call this function).

2) A note indicating what document(s) will be updated.  Likely the CGI
reference, and perhaps a howto on this functionality?

3) A note indicating that the test suite will be extended to test this
functionality.  I am willing to volunteer to do this aspect if you wish.

I'm generally supportive, and just want to see that if we implement this
that it be properly documented and regression tested.

Best regards,
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