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Susanne Kalliany susanne.kalliany at
Wed Aug 20 02:54:31 EDT 2008

Thanks a lot for reply!
I inserted following line and now postgis query works fine.
"DATA  'the_geom FROM zobject1 USING UNIQUE gid USING SRID=31282'"

But I don't get on with optimization. 
On which place do I have to insert: "cluster gindexname on tablename" ?
I inserted in postgresql.conf:
vacuum full	

For me it didn't make any effort. 
And I am worried because there is only one feature in postgis table,
nevertheless one redraw from database needs more than 2 minute (I created 30
png tiles 256*256 RGB 24bit).
I am afraid I am doing something basically wrong!?
Many thanks in advance for your kind efforts
Susanne Kalliany

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1. DATA "geom from public.construct >>>>USING UNIQUE [id field name] USING
SRID=[your srid or -1 (not recom.)]<<<<" for all postgis layers
this solves problem with msPOSTGISLayerRetrievePGVersion
2. I use cluster gindexname on tablename & vacuum full. +

SUSANNE wrote:
> Dear Mapserver List!
> I am developing Mapserver-application (ms4w 2.2.7, postgres 1.8.2) since
> half a year. Now some debugging and optimization work has to be done.
> I am doing quite well with programming, but I am not very experienced in
> installation - optimization issues.
> I would be very grateful for some hints to answer the follwing questions
> or how to improve performance generally.
> 1. How can I get rid of following error:
> msPOSTGISLayerRetrievePGVersion(): Query error. Error executing POSTGIS
> statement (msPOSTGISLayerRetrievePGVersion():select substring(version()
> from 12 for (position('on' in version()) - 13))
> I did some in internet searches but I could'nt take head or tale of it.
> 2. Should I increase max_buffer in postgresql.conf?
> I found the tip
> (, but I
> don't have such an item in my postgres.conf file and also don't know which
> value I have to set.
> 3. How to improve displaying of 5 postgres-supported editable layer. It
> takes some time even when these layers are empty!? 
> (Installation uses kaMap in javascript-php enviroment)
> thanks a lot, Susanne Kalliany

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