[mapserver-dev] Configuring a buildbot autobuild SVN post-commit hook

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 18:40:22 EDT 2008


It would be desirable to configure a post commit hook in SVN to
trigger a new build at the buildbot after the commits. I think the
current approach for GDAL could be taken over which looks something

If a commit arrives, post-commit hook sends notification to GDAL
buildbot. The buildbot starts timer and waits 120 secs.
If new commit arrives within these 120 secs, the timer is reset for
next 120 secs.
If new commit does not arrive within this period, the buildbot starts a
build on the telascience-quick builder.

Similar process run on *-full builders but the timer is set to 120
minutes, in order to avoid server overloads. So, new builds start
only if new commit does not arrive within 2 hours since last commit.

Unfortunately I have no access to configure neither the GDAL nor the
mapserver SVN at this level so I'd appreciate if someone with
sufficient rights would help me out by setting this up for MapServer.
I guess the script used by GDAL could be reused pretty much for
MapServer as well.  If something needs to be modified for this purpose
at the buildbot configuration I'll be ready to sort it out.

Best regards,


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