[mapserver-dev] Call for vote on RFC 40

thomas bonfort thomas.bonfort at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 14:52:46 EDT 2008

Hi all,
I sill have a few questions to address before committing the changes for rfc40.

* concerning line wrapping, Daniel suggested that the "wrap" parameter
take more than one character, to allow for wrapping on multiple glyphs
(eg, 'space' and '-' (hyphen) ). This raises two questions:
   * space characters can be *replaced* by a newline, while the hyphen
character should generally be kept. Any idea how we can specify that
some wrapping characters are to be kept while others are just markers
for potential linebreaks?
   * (how) would we treat multibyte (ie utf8) wrap characters ?

* concerning text alignment, I've implemented a preciser method than
what was written in the RFC (as suggested by SteveW): it still uses
'space' characters to offset each line, but the number of spaces is
calculated precisely using getLabelSize calls. The problem is that the
precise size of a single space character has to be computed *each
time* a feature is labelled, which might be getting rather costly
To account for this I added a cache in the labelObj struct that stores
that number, but I'm a bit reluctant about polluting the labelObj
declaration with this: any thoughts?


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