[mapserver-dev] MapServer 5.2.1 Released

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Mon Dec 1 15:14:50 EST 2008

Hi all: The MapServer PSC has just released version 5.2.1. This new release contains no additional functionality
but addresses a number of issues identified since the 5.2.0 release. A list of fixes is included at the end of this
message. The full change log can be viewed online at:


The source package is available in the MapServer downloads page:  


Precompiled binaries should be available shortly at the usual locations (also linked from the download page above).


Version 5.2.1 (2008-12-01)

* Exposed PIXELS value via URL configuration 
* Add Support for SLD TextSymbolizer HALO and ANGLE (#2806) 
* Fix crash when an invalid bbox filter is used (#2805) 
* raster query fix for tileindex with relative paths (#2722) 
* Fix for the access violation caused by msMSSQL2008LayerGetShape (#2795) 
* Fixed msMSSQL2008LayerGetItems to retrieve the column names properly (#2791) 
* Prevent from calling msMSSQL2008CloseConnection from msMSSQL2008LayerClose causing memory corruption issues (#2790) 
* fix some integer rounding errors in the agg line offseter (#2659) 
* fix a bug with shapes with duplicate end points. was causing NaNs in the angle follow placement code (#2695) 
* memory leak in msInsertLayer, from Ned Horning (#2784) 
* legend keyimage resampling with agg (#2715) 
* tileindexed rasters when DATA is manipulated via mapscript work (#2783) 
* PHP: add priority attribute to the label object (#2782) 
* Fixed bug when QUERYMAP hilite color is set and the shape's color in a layer is from a data source (#2769) 
* PHP paste image should also work with AGG (#2682) 
* Correct allocation error in mapmssql2008.c (#2768) 
* Removed comma to correct WCS 1.1 Coverages formatting in payload directory. (#2764) 
* Correct bug when LABEL_NO_CLIP in combination with minfeaturesize (#2758) 
* Fix a label size computation for AGG bug when scalefactor is used (#2756) 
* Got rid of misleading errors about OWS SERVICE not being compiled in when a OWS request is sent that includes mode=map (or other mode value different from ows)(#2747) 
* Fixed a memory leak associated with not deleting the lexer buffer before parsing certain types of strings. (#2729) 
* Masking the out-of-range characters to avoid the crash in the AGG renderer (#2739) 
* AGG: fix pixmap symbols not drawing if no color was specified (#2736) 
* Accept WMS requests in which the optional SERVICE param is missing. A new test was incorrectly added in 5.2.0 that resulted in the error "Incomplete WFS request: SERVICE parameter missing" when the SERVICE parameter was missing in WMS requests in which the SERVICE param is optional (#2737) 
* SLD: when creating well known symbols on the fly the pen-up value used should be -99. 
* Support reading projection parameter for OFC filters (#2712) 
* Stop configure execution with an error if path to one of the -config scripts is invalid (#2710) 
* Fixed the configure script: failed to detect php5 on ubuntu. (#2365) 

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