[mapserver-dev] ms rfc 48: adding a type keyword to the styleblock

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Wed Dec 3 10:35:25 EST 2008

Ok I see. Sounds ok I think.


>>> "thomas bonfort" <thomas.bonfort at gmail.com> 12/03/08 9:27 AM >>>
> No, I was thinking of calling in drawShape. You almost have to don't you?
> Since transformations happen within a style you'd have to transform
> as you process the styles which is in the drawShape function. Actually you
> could cache them there if necessary. I can see a situation where you'd
> draw a polygon with several styles and then it's bbox with another all
> in the same layer. Those shapes would have all have to exist within
> drawShape.

The way I have it implemented is to switch off to
msDrawTransformedShape instead of msDrawLineSymbol/msDrawShadeSymbol.
Thus without going through an intermediary shapeObj.
The transformation and call(s) to msDrawMarkerSymbol are done inside
that function.

I didn't implement a function that returns a shapeObj, as for the
start/end/vertices transforms to be usefull, we must also calculate an
appropriate orientation for the point.


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