[mapserver-dev] MapServer logo comp

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Tue Dec 23 09:56:26 EST 2008


I like the upper right, black border, or the lower left, orange/reddish version.  Generally I'm more in favor of the blues. I think trying to match the red/orange version in a web site might be a bit hard on the eyes.  You could lighten up the orange red a bit, make it more pastel, that might help.

The bottom font looks the best to me as well.

Should the Logo be slightly smaller in relation to the text?  Maybe align them both along the top and bottom (at the decender "p" character)


>>> "Steve Lime" <Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us> 12/23/08 8:29 AM >>>
Hi all: Still screwing with the logo idea I proposed a month or two ago. I created a quick series of layouts for folks
to look at and comment on. A few color schemes and fonts. Might be nice to debut with the new website.

Let me know what you think.


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