[mapserver-dev] Map Symbol Idea (IF .. THEN)

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Mon Dec 29 12:18:23 EST 2008

Bob: Are you referring to swapping SYMBOLSET's? You could have multiple versions that share
naming conventions and swap between those on-the-fly. That may actually be possible now.


>>> On 12/29/2008 at 11:07 AM, in message <4958AF5A020000A80000FA9E at jeckle>, "Bob
Basques" <Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us> wrote:
> All,
> Just had a thought about all the map symbol discussions going on.  
> I've recently had to work on some emergency management planning teams.  In 
> order to get a system in place that has a chance to work for everyone (across 
> borders), there are certain symbol sets that have some measure of a following 
> at the national and some professional levels for emergency management 
> operations.
> Now, in order to get a system in place that people use on a day to day basis 
> (which is the best way to train folks in their use), there needs to be ( I 
> think) a way to change symbology on the fly (so to speak).
> Now to the "idea",  what are peoples thoughts on having a IF/THEN clause in 
> the MapServer rendering Stream that allows for swapping out Symbols at the 
> request level?  I know some of this can be handled with SLDs, but that's 
> somewhat limited IMO.  My first thought is to have a set of 
> (possible/optional) alternate symbols that can be used in place of some 
> existing symbols already in use in the day to day operations.  The idea being 
> to switch the interface over to a standardized emergency management mode of 
> operation at the user level.  The local users would still be able to view the 
> map via their historical symbol set, while any outside users (other 
> jurisdictions),  could still come into the system and use the system in a 
> standardized manner.  I'm only bringing up the emergency management aspects, 
> but I'm sure there are other potential uses/application of the capability.
> I guess a shorter question would be, how to build into MapServer, support 
> for multiple symbols (per data set)?
> I have some ideas about using a similar capability for general GUI 
> improvements as well, but I'll let those go for now.
> This may be best handled outside of the MapServer development ranks, but I 
> figured I would ask anyway.
> Thanks
> bobb
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