Is MapServer Thread-safe?

Ed McNierney ed at TOPOZONE.COM
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Adrian -

Well, what really matters is what "many" means to YOU and your application; my MapServer applications are probably quite different from yours, so if I have 2,000 simultaneous users that doesn't really tell you anything.  If you can describe it in as much detail as possible, then it will make it much easier for us to give you advice.  There are quite a few serious production implementation of both MapServer CGI and MapScript applications.  And, as Dan correctly points out, a different tool might be even better for you.

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>Why do you think this is a "big limitation"?  There are many MapServer
users, >myself included, running MapServer as a CGI application - including
as a WMS >server - with "many clients running simultaneously".  

What does mean "many" for you? 

>What kind of equipment are you using and what kind of user load do you
expect?  >It sounds like you have concluded that a standard CGI WMS
application of >MapServer is simply unsuitable for you, and I haven't seen
information that >explains why you think that.

WMS is ok, but I need C# API to create any gis application (e.g. with
adding/modyfing spatial features, with requested by bussiness client
webservice interface, etc). 
The problem is with scalability with using mapscript. Changing server from 1
processor architecture to 4 performance will increase performance but I
think that not much in really big workload. 

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