[mapserver-dev] Wrong number of query results (php mapscript) between a static and dynamic setup

Nicol Hermann mapserver at geoworld.de
Wed May 7 00:50:24 EDT 2008

Hi Developers,

i posted this issue already in the mapserser.user list but get no
So i will try my luck on the developer list.
Can anybody reproduce/confirm the reported behaviour on his machine?
Anything i am doing wrong?

Here is my problem:

i am fighting with a real strange behaviour of mapserver/php mapscript.
This concerns the result of an attribut query.
I get different results using a completely dynamic setup and static

I prepared a couple of scripts to reproduce the issue ('ms.zip').
k.map  = a mapfile
k1.php = php mapscript with a completely dynamic setup (include of
k2.php = php mapscript which reads the setup from 'k.map' (include of
kq.php = attribut.query
tmp_klima.shp|dbf|shx= Sample Shape File with some records

As both scripts (k1.php and k2.php) uses the same data source and the
same querys/expressions i expect the same results.
In fact the query result of both scripts differs although they use the
same attribut query (kq.php).

k1.php = returns the correct results
k2.php = returns a wrong number of query results (2, STATION=Wilkes is

I run both scripts with mapserver 5.0.2 on a debian lenny system.

I have no idea what happens here.
Can the behaviour have something to do with the minus values in the
queried attribut field (TJ)?

Thanks for any hint!
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