[mapserver-dev] New demo proposal...

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Thu May 15 18:30:52 EDT 2008

I saw the various demos using common data and a common look & feel but otherwise being
relatively autonomous. They would live in svn (the code at least). Bugs would be trac'd 
as a separate component. Just not sure how to handle the data. I suppose it could live as
a package in svn too. The demo would need to be installed someplace for access, that is,
we need a host with MapServer (with a number of features built), MapScript and PostGIS 
(if we want to demo that as a data source).


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> Steve: I think this is a good start.  Awhile back we talked of merging
> the various demos into the OSGeo i/f (trac, svn).  Much of the OGC
> workshop can feed the applicable bits in your TOC.  How do you see the
> various demos working together (how modular or integrated)?
> ..Tom
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>> Hi all: I'm working on a new demo or more accurately a series 
>> of demos. My thought is to extend the DNR test suite concept 
>> which attempts to show off functionality and configuration 
>> through a series of focused examples as opposed to a single 
>> monolithic demo. The demos would be organized topically 
>> (labeling, cartography, data formats, etc...) and could be 
>> added to over time. A couple of other projects I checked out 
>> use similar strategies. All examples would have browsable 
>> mapfiles etc... and a choice few could be downloadable 
>> individually in an archive format.
>> This could easily be expanded to as necessary and could serve 
>> as live examples for tutorials, the downloadable manual Jeff 
>> is working on and even the syntax manuals where is makes 
>> sense. This could also be home to speed test cases and other 
>> regression tests.
>> I'm thinking this would be hosted someplace, not sure where. 
>> OSGeo servers maybe? Not sure about a data source yet either. 
>> The Grass Spearfish data might work but I doubt it would 
>> cover all the use cases we need although special formats and 
>> derived products could created from it.
>> I've attached demo table of contents as a starting point. 
>> Please let me know what you think...
>> Steve
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