[mapserver-dev] IGNORE_MISSING_DATA

Paul Ramsey pramsey at cleverelephant.ca
Wed Oct 1 17:27:42 EDT 2008


Is there a reason that IGNORE_MISSING_DATA is a compile-time option? I
have a client request to make it a run-time option, and also add the
ability to run-time configure to error out in the case of WMS client
layers that fail.

I can RFC this, though it's relatively small... IGNORE_MISSING_DATA
would go away as a compile time option, the run-time behavior would
remain as the default (fail on missing) and there'd be a couple of
PROCESSING directives to fail (or not) on missing data and failed WMS
client layers.

Thinking aloud, there's a number of ways data can be missing, in a
number of places

-- wms client layers
-- wfs client layers
-- missing data files
-- missing files referenced by tile indexes
-- bad database connections
-- failed SQL statements

Establishing and adding global policy would involve touching a great
deal of code. Hm. Unfortunately, I only have interest in the
tile-indexed-rasters and wms clients areas.

Anyone else have interests in this field of endeavor?


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