[mapserver-dev] 2nd Draft of MS-RFC-Support for SVG symbols usingAGG(update)

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Mon Aug 10 14:10:36 EDT 2009


Does it make any sense to handle inline SVG content inside of the SYMBOL / END tag set, this would be good for those times when and adhoc SVG symbol might be needed in short order for somehting quick.  You would need to mofiy the TAGGING slight to something like: 

      <path to SVG file> 
      . . . or . . . 
      <svg inline content> 

This would also possibly allow for pushing SVG symbol defs from a CGI mapserver client and change things like thematics on the fly based on user settings/requests. 

Also, should the SVG output be relegated to SYMBOLS entirely/only, or should/could it be used for Map features as well.  Same ideas apply with this suggestion as well, highlighting features from an nquery with specific user specific thematics comes to mind immediately for example.  I'm aware that these types of capabilities are also available in the browser working directly against the SVG content, 

Just some suggestions . . . 


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