[mapserver-dev] MapServer 5.6.0-beta5 released

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed Nov 4 19:37:12 EST 2009

MapServer 5.6.0-beta5 has just been released and is available for 
download at

   http://mapserver.org/download.html OR

Please also keep an eye on the 5.4 to 5.6 Migration Guide where we are 
documenting migration issues for this release:

We expected to have our first release candidate over a week ago, but a 
combination of FOSS4G travel and a few pending tickets has been delaying 
us. This new beta addresses several issues, especially on the rendering 
front (see the list of fixes at the end of this message). We are still 
working on a blocker issue (Oracle driver memory leak) and should be 
able to move to a release candidate very soon if the feedback on this 
beta is positive.

Once again, we need your help to ensure a high quality product so please 
help out by testing your applications with this new beta and reporting 
your results.

Thanks for your help

The MapServer development team.

Version 5.6.0-beta5 (2009-11-04):

- Apply a minimum width on label outline (new outlines were too thin by 

- Don't apply scalefactor to polygon outline widths (but apply the

- Fix vector symbol size calculation (#2896)

- Applied code clean up patch for mapsearch.c. (#3189)

- Fixed labels centering when the label is longer than the line (#2867)

- Ensure Python MapScript building doesn't reorder the libraries, 
support the
   'subprocess' module where available for setup.py, and default to 
using the
   "super" swig invocation described in the Python MapScript README when
   mapscript_wrap.c isn't available on the file system.  #2663 contains the
   reordering issue.

- Fixed memory leak with shapefiles associated with one-pass query
   implementation (#3188)

- Fix abs/fabs usage that prevented angle follow labels to be discarded if
   they were too wrapped on themselves

- Allow CGI mapshape and imgshape variables to consume WKT strings (#3185)

- Added support for nautical miles unit (#3173)

- Fixed encoding metadata ignored by a few wcs/wfs 1.1 and sos requests 

- PHP/Mapscript: added "autofollow" and "repeatdistance" in labelObj (#3175)

- Added charset in content-type http header for wms/wfs/sos/wcs requests 

- Python/MapScript: improve compatibility for different swig versions 

- maprasterquery.c: a few fixes since beta4 (#3181, #3168).

- mapows.c: Generate WMS LatLongBoundingBox in WGS84 datum (#2578)

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