[mapserver-dev] FW: [OSGeo-Discuss] 3 days left to verify applications work on OSGeo-Live (only 3 apps tested out of 43)

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Aug 6 12:02:41 EDT 2010

Daniel Morissette wrote:
> I'll try to do a more formal review and make the necessary fixes before
> the deadline.

FYI I added my test results in the wiki at

The issues are mainly with the docs, but I don't know how to submit
fixes for the liveDVD. I believe it was Alan who was taking care of this
for MapServer but he is currently on vacation.

If someone else familiar with the live DVD dev't process can take care
of them, then here are the issues:

* Itasca demo (and mapserv 5.6.5) work fine

* Problems in mapserver_description.html

** Need to remove "GMap" demo link (since GMap itself has been removed)

** Need to update Documentation link to read "MapServer 5.6
Documentation" or even better: "MapServer Documentation" (with no
version number so we don't need to update it in the future)

** The main page of the MapServer 5.6 Docs that's on the DVD is from
5.6.3, and the OSM map in that page does not work: the link to the tiles
point to a dead server. This is a known issue and the current version of
the docs on the MapServer website (v5.6.5) have the map disabled... so
it may be a good idea to grab the latest version of the 5.6 docs for the

Daniel Morissette

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