[mapserver-dev] Thoughts on ANGLE FOLLOW results

Lime, Steve D (DNR) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Mon Aug 16 10:26:50 EDT 2010

Correct. It's as good as you're gonna do with the code as it sits. Looks like GeoServer punts in the case when chars overlap. It's been a bug for some time now and really needs to be fixed, even if that fix is simply to detect overlap and punt...


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   I think the problem is related to
(and http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/2612)

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Jeff McKenna wrote:
> For the FOSS4G WMS Benchmarking exercise we have to label a contour line
> layer, curved along the lines.  I am comparing MapServer's results with
> GeoServer (attached). I am trying to tweak the LABEL object parameters,
> but I am still not happy with the MapServer results.
> Should I be satisfied with these results?  Or is this is bug in our
> MapServer label logic?  Please give me your thoughts. (notice the
> mangled '730' label in the middle, and the upside down '550' in the
> bottom right)
>        LABEL
>          COLOR  230 183 119
>          FONT sans
>          TYPE truetype
>          SIZE 12
>          OUTLINECOLOR 255 255 255
>          OUTLINEWIDTH 5
>          ANGLE FOLLOW
>          BUFFER 3
>        END
> geoserver:
> mapserver:
> -jeff

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