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Lime, Steve D (DNR) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Wed Aug 18 11:06:35 EDT 2010

Seems like a reasonable idea but also one that I would think has been discussed 
before. Thoughts?


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#3519: map UNITS AUTO from PROJECTION units
 Reporter:  regodon              |       Owner:  sdlime     
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 I think that map UNITS should be initialized automatically depending on
 the PROJECTION used.

 Is there any sense in using a projection in meters (UTM) and setting map
 UNITS in degrees?

 Since a wms client can ask for a map in different projections, i think map
 UNITS should be automatically detected. Otherwise any layer with SIZEUNITS
 other than pixels is drawn wrongly when map units are different from
 projection units.

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