[mapserver-dev] two or more CONNECTIONTYPE WMS -> Crash

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Mon Aug 30 10:58:13 EDT 2010

Hi Daniel,

This is not a known issue. Can you reproduce this using two public WMS
services? If yes then please create a ticket with your mapfile pointing
to two public WMS services (so that we can reproduce it too) and the
request that triggers the crash and we'll have a look.


teeschke wrote:
> Dear list,
> am I the only one who is using multiple WMS connectiontypes?
> The Mapserver is crashing down with the message 
> "Application Failure  mapserv.exe in libcurl.dll at offset
> 000201d9" in the event log.
> I'm using the current ms4w release with Mapserver 5.6.3 on a XP Prof
> machine.
> The error appears betimes - every fifth eighth request with two or more
> external WMS layers. 
> Can anyone reproduce this behavior?
> Thanks for any help and regards,
> Daniel

Daniel Morissette

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