[mapserver-dev] Mapserver numeric formatting of labels

Lime, Steve D (DNR) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Fri Dec 10 13:25:13 EST 2010

The work for RFC 64 has support for this already. I'll have to go back to my notes for more detail but I think this is correct:

Case 1: using LABELITEM... In this instance you get the full representation of the of the number according to the DBF definitions. If you access a numeric column in string context in an logical expression you'll also get this (e.g. '[numcol]').

Case 2: using TEXT expression with no transformation and numeric context (e.g. TEXT ([numcol])). This forces the number through the new expression handling. In this case we have to do a conversion from a number to a string and the default format I chose was "%g" which results in some relatively reasonable trimming.

  Case 3: using TEXT expression with transformations. I added several functions to the parser to help in this regard:

  Round(num, num) (e.g. round([numcol], 2))
  Tostring(num, format) (e.g. tostring([numcol], "%.2f"), note this truncates so you might want to round and then convert to string)
   Commify(string) (e.g. commify('[numcol]'), typically you'd do this after converting to a string so 20000.00 would become 20,000.00)

It's pretty flexible although there's almost certainly room for improvement.


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Hi All,

Do we have any plans to support numeric formatting when rendering labels from layer attributes? As far as I remember we had such plans for 6.0, but I'm not sure whether anyone is working on that actually or not.
Any idea for a reasonable approach would also be helpful.

Best regards,


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