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TC Haddad tchaddad at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 13:57:17 EST 2010

Hi all,

Hope it's appropriate to post this question here. I was just wondering about
the status of the issue described here:


Recently I revisited this issue and dusted off an old WMS manual that seemed
to have the elements of the solution I desired. Perhaps I am being overly
optimistic, but I thought I should ask if this approach has already been
considered, or how it could be used via MapServer.

Specifically, I am interested in being able to serve a group of layers (say
a base map composed of many layers with nice cartography) and have that
group only visible in my GetCapabilities as a single entry. I don not want
my users to be able to look inside my base map group and request the
individual component layers (like roads, streams, etc).

>From this old WMS manual I have, it seems this should be possible using
different combinations of the Layer Name and Title elements in
GetCapabilities. here is the relavent quote:

"A Map Server which advertises a Layer containing a Name element MUST be
able to accept that Name as the value of LAYERS argument in a GetMap request
and return the corresponding map. A viewer Client MUST NOT attempt to
request a Layer that has a Title but no Name."

So from this it looks like the behavior I want would be possible if I could
somehow get MapServer to allow me to advertise a Name and Title for my
basemap group, but only a Title (and no Name) element for the Layers inside
that group.

Hope I am making sense here. I can tell a lot of people have looked at this,
so I'm not sure this is a helpful additional perspective, but I just had to

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