[mapserver-dev] Reviving the OpenLayers/OSM map on index page

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Dec 15 16:49:21 EST 2010

I've spent some time to revive the OpenLayers/OSM map on the 
documentation index page.  I've loaded all of the OSM data for Denver 
into postgres on demo.mapserver.org (the "AdhocVM") and styled it using 
the 'mapserver-utils' Google project code. You can view it at: 

Some notes:
- for those wanting to make direct changes, connection details exist at: 
(I ask that you document your changes on that wiki page also)
- maps are currently served through a WMS service located on 
- no tile cache exists for these maps yet
- I tried to use the 'mapserver.style' file from the 'mapserver-utils' 
project, which I guess is how the original maps were colored, but I got 
many errors, so I had to use the default OSM style

Feedback/direct changes on server, are more than welcomed! :)


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