[mapserver-dev] Re: Reviving the OpenLayers/OSM map on index page

Lime, Steve D (DNR) Steve.Lime at state.mn.us
Wed Dec 15 17:26:41 EST 2010

Thanks for taking this on. What version of MapServer are you using?

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Some more notes:

- I followed Thomas' original steps (and made additions): 
- data loaded is for all of Colorado

cya! ;)


On 10-12-15 5:49 PM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> I've spent some time to revive the OpenLayers/OSM map on the
> documentation index page. I've loaded all of the OSM data for Denver
> into postgres on demo.mapserver.org (the "AdhocVM") and styled it using
> the 'mapserver-utils' Google project code. You can view it at:
> http://www.mapserver.org/trunk/
> Some notes:
> - for those wanting to make direct changes, connection details exist at:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/MapServer_at_AdhocVM#WMS_OpenStreetMap_Service_.28for_Documentation.29
> (I ask that you document your changes on that wiki page also)
> - maps are currently served through a WMS service located on
> demo.mapserver.org
> - no tile cache exists for these maps yet
> - I tried to use the 'mapserver.style' file from the 'mapserver-utils'
> project, which I guess is how the original maps were colored, but I got
> many errors, so I had to use the default OSM style
> Feedback/direct changes on server, are more than welcomed! :)
> -jeff
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