[mapserver-dev] Call for a 5.6.1 release...

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Mon Jan 4 00:22:18 EST 2010



This is NOT PHP/Mapscript, I'm using the php to parse the a php object 
and turn it into the mapfile, the write the mapfile to a temporary file 
and generate the image. The LegendIcons work under the map, you can see 
the gray mark in the lower left of the map which should be the legend. 
Do legends work with truetype fonts? the map image is just a cgi request.

The generated mapfile is listed above the map.


Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:
> Hi Steve: Both a mode=legend and and embedded legend work for me:
>   http://maps.dnr.state.mn.us/cgi-bin/mapserv54?map=COMPASS_MAPFILE&mode=map&map.legend=STATUS+EMBED
>   http://maps.dnr.state.mn.us/cgi-bin/mapserv56?map=COMPASS_MAPFILE&mode=map&map.legend=STATUS+EMBED
>   http://maps.dnr.state.mn.us/cgi-bin/mapserv54?map=COMPASS_MAPFILE&mode=legend
>   http://maps.dnr.state.mn.us/cgi-bin/mapserv56?map=COMPASS_MAPFILE&mode=legend
> This mapfile has all default layers. Here's an example with layer toggling (version 5.4 works as well)...
>   http://maps.dnr.state.mn.us/cgi-bin/mapserv56?mode=map&map.legend=STATUS+EMBED&map=LANDVIEW_MAPFILE&mapext=420300.72018349805+4967108.039017859+521038.99713614146+5031580.536267551&mapsize=750+480&layers=bdry_stforpy3+bdry_adwma2py3+bdry_snapy3&layer=bdry_statepy2
> Guess we'll need more info...
> Steve
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> Lime, Steve D (DNR) wrote:
>> Hi all: I just fixed a couple of inconvenient bugs in 5.6 that broke some point-based queries via the CGI. Without the fixes some
>> folks won't be able to upgrade. I've got a whole bunch of query test cases I need to get into the automated testing to avoid this
>> in the future. Are others sitting on changes in the 5.6 trunk that could go into 5.6.1?
>> Steve
>> BTW Ticket is http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/ticket/3246...
> Steve,
> Can you verify the Legends embeded in the image work correctly?
> I just tried to generate one and I'm having troubles getting anything
> that looks like a legend to show up. I'm in rc5, but will upgrade to the
> released version and see if the makes a difference.
>      LEGEND
>        OUTLINECOLOR "#000000"
>        STATUS embed
>        POSITION lr
>        KEYSIZE 40 40
>        KEYSPACING 5 5
>        LABEL
>          FONT "arial"
>          SIZE 10
>          TYPE TRUETYPE
>          COLOR '#000000'
>        END
>      END
> Also tried it with mode=legend an get the same blank image.
> If its a bug let me know and I'll write a ticket if you want.
> Thanks,
>    -Steve W
> PS: Happy New Year Everyone.
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