[mapserver-dev] generation of trunk documentation failed on mapserver.org

Howard Butler hobu.inc at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 09:38:33 EST 2010

On Jan 13, 2010, at 2:42 AM, Lars Lingner wrote:

> Hello,
> yesterday Alan Boudreault and I wanted to test the new 404 handler. But
> we had some trouble getting sphinx running.
> The error message when doing "make html" is
> Could not import extension rst2pdf.pdfbuilder (exception: cannot import
> name _Container)
> It looks like one/some dependencies are missing. I tried a installation
> on a virtual machine, but with a recent version of Fedora. These are the
> steps to get it running:
> yum install python-setuptools-devel
> yum install python-reportlab
> yum install rst2pdf
> yum install python-imaging (for support other than jpg)
> easy_install -U Sphinx
> After that i could run "make html" on a fresh checkout of trunk/docs
> without errors.
> But as I said that is a recent version of Fedora (12)
> Maybe this helps anyone to fix the current setup on mapserver.org

That's my fault for introducing the rst2pdf building stuff in conf.py in http://trac.osgeo.org/mapserver/changeset/9642  I was attempting to try to get the alternative PDF builder working locally, but I haven't had much success with it yet.

I have backed it out, and things hopefully should work now.  Please let me know.


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