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Lars Lingner ml at lingner.eu
Mon Jan 25 11:01:18 EST 2010

Lime, Steve D (DNR) schrieb:
> I committed the design changes to the 5.6 docs tree last night. One change I had made was moving the
> language icons from the toc to the header. I thought they stood out better up there. Anyway, here's a
> question for the sphinx guru's. How'd the flags show up back in the toc and why are the URLs for those
> in the header wrong? I didn't edit the template code, just moved it from the sidebar block to the relbar1
> block...

I'm trying to shed some light on this issue:

The build process creates a html directory containing a subdirectory for
every language. In the layout.html is the code to generate the
links/flags to other languages.

After building the docs, you can open up the html/en/index.html in you
browser and everything is fine.

On the server mapserver.org is a setup which needs special handling. The
English directory is available without /en/ ...so the links have to
reflect this.

(The trunk version don't need this as its available via .../trunk/en/)

To handle this the layout.html uses a setting in the Makefile to enable
"mapserverorg mode"

Latly there where the issue that the script didn't evaluate the setting
from the Makefile. Alan fixed it by modifying the template.

To fix the links now probably the template needs fixed again. Maybe it
got overwritten.

Oh... and now I see Alan already responded. Anyways, maybe my post will
help to understand the docs generation. :)


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