[mapserver-dev] Drop PHP4 support in MS 6.0?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Mon Jan 25 16:31:54 EST 2010

Hi Devs,

Does anyone see a need for maintaining PHP 4.x support in MapServer 6? 
If not then I would move that we drop PHP 4 support in MapServer 6.0 to 
take full advantage of PHP 5.

At the moment, we support both PHP 5 and PHP 4. However, if we dropped 
PHP4, we could better take advantage of some PHP 5 (ZEND Engine 2) 
features. I am thinking of better mechanisms to handle the mapping of C 
structs to PHP class properties for instance (see 

Since PHP 4 has reached its end of life on 2007-12-31 (2 years ago) and 
is no longer available on the php.net website, and PHP 5 has been around 
for about 5 years now, I don't think that would be considered a drastic 
change, but I wanted to check here before we move forward.

I'll start with my +1 for dropping PHP 4 support in MapServer 6.0.

Daniel Morissette

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